Why invest in Christchurch?


What makes Christchurch
so ripe for investment?

Christchurch properties are affordable, especially compared with other centres such as Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

It is far enough on from the quakes that any remaining EQC-related issues on properties have been either resolved or clearly documented.

There is ongoing investment in Christchurch post-quake, from the government and from the private sector. The city is being designed to flourish, with many of the necessary building block already in place.

As well as the increasingly populated inner city, malls abound throughout the suburbs, and the rapidly increasing motorway infrastructure is making connection better than ever, so there are many secure spots for investment right across the city.

Our top tips for Christchurch

Our database is full of clients from across NZ, many of whom see Christchurch properties as immensely affordable, and will even buy sight-unseen.

"Off the plans" and new builds are another thriving aspect of the Christchurch market. But it's not all about location... I always look out for who else is buying, in case these rentals end up priced out of the market.

"As is where is" is a big hit in post-quake Christchurch, with many excellent opportunities to be grabbed. There are risks, but these can be easily mitigated, and I've been there done that. I've been living real estate before, during and after the quakes, and will give you the most realistic guidance per property.

As someone "on the ground", I can attest to the major current growth across Christchurch resulting from the government support like the new motorways, the malls, the anchor projects and the now underway red zone development. I've got my finger on the pulse of what is happening now and in the near future, and how Christchurch is responding to it.