Persephone Singfield

Persephone is an investment specialist with 20+ years of experience working in the residential property sector. Be it buying, selling, developing, subdividing, renting or renovating, Persephone has a plethora of experience to draw upon when serving her clients. After several years working on her own projects, Persephone became a licensed salesperson in 2019 to work within a Premium Buyers Service for investors throughout New Zealand and internationally. Her skill, in finding investments and negotiating great deals, quickly became front centre in the success of many a remote investor. She excels at selling sight unseen properties through building strong rapport and maintaining trusted relationships.

Persephone has lived and invested in Christchurch for over 20 years and has a great local knowledge of values, returns and areas as well as the Christchurch specific challenges that may present during transactions. She has assisted many with property transactions throughout Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakiriri districts and has a good understanding of the various zones and district plans. Persephone loves sharing stories and ideas about anything property, but mostly enjoys the relationships wrapped around the transactions.

Persephone was then presented with the opportunity to join the exceptional Angela Webb investment team. Angela’s team is the team to work with for anyone investing in Christchurch’s multi-faceted and highly affordable residential property pool. This team of high performers is led by Angela Webb, the No 1 Residential Investment Property Salesperson in Christchurch. Persephone is our Buyer’s Agent and will do all the hard work involved in purchasing property for you, saving you time, effort and frustration.

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Angela Webb Property Investment Specialist

“Persephone Singfield was recommended to us when it was time to sell our family home of 66 years. We were not knowledgeable on the process of selling real estate and needed a special person to help us through the deal.

Persephone was very mindful and attentive we never felt neglected or unimportant with her calm demeanor keeping us grounded throughout the process. With her guidance and expertise on how to present our home plus her marketing over a month she communicated with us every step of the way. Best of all we knew she was acting on our behalf with great respect in a professional manner for both of us and our home.

Persephone is highly efficient hardworking with good knowledge and of course we highly recommend her. Persephone thank you for your dedication to achieve a successful result.”

Valerie Bunn and Susan Hill – December 2021