Investment Sales

The investment team are knowledgeable in all aspects of selling residential investment properties and here to assist you. Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property for the first time, looking to add to your existing portfolio or ready to retire and looking at an exit strategy, we have the experience and knowledge to achieve this.

Angela stands out as one of the few residential investment specialists for her wealth of knowledge, coupled with a hands-on approach. Over fifteen years in the Christchurch market, she has shone as a dependable real estate agent with golden advice. Her secret, her thorough understanding of the local investment stock. It’s backed by many years being in the market, establishing her own holding of more than 20 properties. Angela understands the ups and downs; she is passionate about what she does and enjoys assisting her clients with practical advice on how to develop a well-performing portfolio.


When you sell with Angela you and the buyers get her extensive knowledge of the investment market and her innate ability to get deals done. When it comes to getting contracts signed and confirmed is when this knowledge is invaluable and having it on your side means you get the results.


Angela works hard to build trust in all client relationships with her direct and honest approach to all interactions. One you have sold with Angela you will understand how important this trust is to get the best result.


After fifteen years in real estate, it is not often Angela gets a call from someone she doesn’t already have in her buyer database. With exclusive access to new listings, the database is the first port of call in matching buyers to property. With so many connections across the country, your property will reach a wide audience and maximum coverage.

Off-market sales

When it comes to off-market sales, Angela is one of the best at achieving a great outcome. With a solid database combined with good connections and trust built up over many years, Angela is able to identify matches for the property that means a deal can be done, releasing equity quickly for the vendor when required.

The results speak for themselves

When you work with Angela you soon learn that she never stops pushing to get the results.

Her honesty is a large part of her success, where other like to tell you what you want to hear, Angela ensures her communication is 100% honest, timely and accurate so you always know how your sale is progressing and can openly discuss strategies to get your property sold.

Combine this with her knowledge of the investment market and years of experience negotiating real estate sales ensures you can confidently put your trust in Angela to take care of your hard-earned investments.

Investment Sales Team