Strategic Portfolio Management

of strategy

How often should you add a property to your portfolio? When should you decrease them, and how? How do you judge how much renovation to do? What do phrases like “risk-return trade-off” really mean, and how do they apply to the actual properties that you‘re considering? Where is the market heading, in these ever-changing times?

Answers to questions like this can only come with length of experience – Angela Webb, Property Investment Specialist and Team puts their collective 40 years’ worth of experience at your disposal.

Angela Webb, Property Investment Specialist, really gets the strategies behind portfolio planning, and the emotions behind the strategies. After all, her knowledge is backed by many years of personal investment – as well as advising clients on portfolio management for over 14 years now, she has also established her own holding of more than 20 Christchurch properties.

Angela’s Team other star players are also true specialists. Justin’s rich level of experience in all aspects of the Christchurch investment market is revered across the Bayleys’ network. And Conor, as Bayleys National Auction Manager, is quite simply at the top of his game, with extremely hands-on knowledge of properties – and people.

Free Advice

Free and specific advice to anyone, on any aspect of the market, your portfolio, or specific properties.

Our top tips for
managing your portfolio

Who do you want to attract?

After 14 years, I’ve seen the patterns of how tenants in different rental brackets do different things. I’ve got an indepth understanding of how long people are likely to stay, and the type of tenants that are higher risk for your property. Let’s talk about the type of tenant you want to attract, and then we’ll advise properties accordingly.

Use a property manager

Don’t try to save money by self-managing your rentals! Property managers are across all the government regulations, so it’s safest to let them handle it. I’ve seen time and time again that self-managing landlords are far more likely to burn out and sell up. Let me guide you so that that doesn’t happen.

What is your holy grail?

What’s your holy grail? If you’re seeking to establish a passive income you can live on, this is practical and achievable – we will work closely with you throughout the years that that takes, to make sure you reach your goal.